Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You really do forget about your first born

If you are like many married couples living in a big city, before you actually have a "real" kid, you practice being a parent with a pet. It can be a rabbit, cat or most of the time a dog. So Milesy the Dog is our first child. After being married for 2 years and some change, I thought it would be a good idea to get a dog so that we could practice and see if we had what it took to be actual parents. The first 6 months were touch and go. Milsey, I failed to mention is a beagle. Boy, did I SO not do my research before we got him. It was a total impulse purchase. Milsey in first 6 months managed to accrue probably $500+ in medical expenses and every time we tried to crate train him or leave the house, he would howl so loud that we were afraid that our neighbors would call Animal Control on us.

I love Miley even though we have a love/hate relationship. He loves to destroy my stuff and I hate it when he eats everything he can find off the ground. We would take him everywhere with us. He was our baby and he got all out undivided attention.

Once Luke Luke came into the picture, Milsey, became the second child and got no attention from us. The only time we would give him any attention was when we would say, "No Milesy", "Get out of there Milsey", "Stop Barking Milsey", "Off Milsey" and "I'm going to kill you Milesy!"

The walks that we would take were replaced with us opening the sliding door. Rewarding him with treats each time he did a trick was replaced by us giving him a treat just to shut up. I know. It's bad. He looks at me with those sad eyes and I know that I have to be better but I'm just too tired! I need to be a better mom to my first born!

I'm going to make a better effort to walk him more. Since we've sprung forward, there is no reason why we shouldn't take walks. I'm going to love him more and not be a neglectful mom (and that means being better at cleaning his ears). But the one good thing that I can say about him is that he isn't jealous of Luke Luke (at least I don't think so). He's so good to him. He'll play with him and be close to him. I know as Luke Luke gets bigger, they will definitely be friends.

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  1. Poor Milsey, my little tanning buddy! I remember when he was just the size of my forearm. I'm sure he knows there is plenty of love in the home to go around =)