Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Shout Out to All Full Time Moms

This weekend was the infamous Fool's Cup Weekend. It was the annual gathering of my U of A friends and their families. This year, the Fool's Cup was in San Diego. This was also our first road trip. The ride down was surprisingly uneventful but the rest of the weekend was EXHAUSTING. 24/7 with Luke Luke can really suck the life out of you. We spent one day at Sea World and another entire day at Animal Kingdom. On any given day we had on average 7 kids under the age of 5 with us. In between tantrums, feedings, runaway kids, we managed to actually catch up and see what everyone was up to but I still feel like I never fully caught up with everyone.

I really don't know how Full Time Moms do it. Running after kids...trying to stick to a feeding schedule...trying to stick to a sleeping really makes my head hurt. So to all the stay at home moms, props to you.


  1. When are you going to post again.. I'm spreading word of your blog at work, and they think it's hilarious!! Post more, please.. :-)