Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh the Characters on BART

As I was making my usual way down to the BART station, I noticed that there was a flood of people on the platform and smell of burnt rubber in the air. Today was going to be one of those days. Rather than waiting with the masses, I decided to hop on a train that was going the opposite direction and got off at the Balboa station so that I could get a seat. So a ton of other people had the same idea. As I stood in the train waiting for the doors to close, I realized that besides the usual student, downtown employee, there 10 types of people that ride BART. Here are my observations:

1. Cutters - Those that think it is okay to cut their nails on BART. Who really thinks that this is okay to do?
2. The Artista - Those that feel comfortable to walk onto the train looking like a zombie and coming out a glamour girl. Why would you feel comfortable putting your make up on a train in front of everyone?
3. Guilty - Those that sit in the handicap seats and pretend to be sleeping so that they don't have to give up their seats.
4. Hunchback of Notre Dame - Those that wear a backpack even when the train is completely packed and doesn't think to take off their backpack so that more people can come into the train.
5. Cellphone Talkers - Those that don't know how to use their inner voice when talking on the phone - I don't care what your plans are for the weekend.
6. Party for 2 - Those that think that there bag deserves a seat when the train is full. Excuse me but did your bag pay the $1.50 too?
7. Cutters v 2.0 - Those that don't follow the rules and cut in front of everyone that is lined up to get into the train.
8. Absent minded - Those that don't pull out their BART ticket until they are in front of the turn style
9. Starers - Those that just stare at people on BART. One day someone is going to poke their eyes out.
10. Me too- When you're stuck sitting in the window seat and you make the motion that you want to get up because your stop is coming and they look at you and tell you that they are getting off too but don't make any attempt to get out. That's nice you are getting off but I still want to get up!

And yes, I came up with my top 10 while I was making my way to total a 20 mins ride.


  1. At least you can keep entertained on your way in!

    Love the list. Too funny.

  2. i lived in berkeley for 8 years, and i think i have experienced all of these wonderful characters on BART.

    great job capturing the reality of it :)